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Spa advice

Do I need to book?

We only pre-book the Spa on Saturdays. On any other day of the week you can just turn up on the day. For details of our different spa days in the week please click here. If you would like to have a treatment during your visit, we strongly advise that you book that in advance. Click here for treatment booking information.

What do I need to bring?

When you visit, we will provide you with a bathrobe, a towel and a locker. Some other things that you might like to bring along are:

  • Swimwear (essential for all mixed sessions, optional for women only sessions)
  • Flip flops (optional, but some people like to have something on their feet when using the outdoor area)
  • Picnic (we have a lovely tea bar serving irresistable toasted teacakes, toast, flapjacks etc. If you feel you’d like something more substantial to eat during your visit, you are welcome to bring a picnic. We just ask that you don’t bring any alcohol please.)
  • Reading material (because you may want to curl up in our lounge with a magazine or a good book).

Tips for getting the most from your spa session

  • Drink plenty of water (before, during and after your spa session)
  • We recommend not eating a large meal before your visit
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs prior to your visit
  • Remove all jewellery, watches and contact lenses before entering the spa
  • Avoid the spa if you have a heart disorder, abnormal blood pressure or an easily aggravated skin complaint
  • If you are in any doubt about using a spa, please consult your GP before your visit.

Can I use the spa during pregnancy?

  • We advise you consult your GP or midwife prior to using the spa facilities if you are pregnant. It is generally considered to be a good idea to avoid overheating during pregnancy, and this may well mean that you choose to avoid using our saunas and steam rooms. The hot tub and spa bath are no hotter than a bath, and many pregnant women find them very relaxing and enjoyable if used in moderation. It’s best to check with your medical practitioner prior to visiting if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We also have a wide range of holistic treatments which are fantastic through all stages of pregnancy, and a team of great practitioners who are very experienced in treating pregnant women.