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We are very proud of our community of friendly, dedicated,  highly skilled practitioners.  It isn’t easy to become a Relaxation Centre therapist. Over the past 19 years, this has become a renowned centre of excellence for treatments, and we are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards.

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Holistic massage

Indian head massage

Holistic face massage


Hot stone massage



Thai yoga massage

Our Thai Yoga Massage practitioners
Vigyan Jo Harrison
Rowan Jamal Eve Leriche
- Emilia Gzyl
- Luke Norland


Our Acupuncture practitioners
Jon Lee Sam Stennet


Our Osteopathy practitioners
Sophie Mustapha -

Craniosacral therapy

Our Craniosacral therapy practitioners
Sophie Mustapha Alexandra Sticher
Dominique Sakoilsky -


Colour light therapy

Our Colour light therapy practitioners
Vigyan -

Couples massage workshops

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