They treat you, soothe you, calm you, counsel you and generally improve our lives in one way or another.  The Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let’s get to know them.

Every month, we meet different practitioner…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jenny.


“To relax is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.” Jenny



Jenny_July 2014SMALLYears at The Relaxation Centre:   4

Treatments offered:   Holistic Massage, Holistic Face Massage

Hobbies:   Singing and playing guitar, writing music, meditation

First Album ever Purchased:   A Jason Donovan album (I WAS 11!)

Your idol:   I’m currently trying to make it myself…I’m trying to fall in love with myself.

Ultimate Pet Peeve:   People being unkind to themselves or others.

Best Piece of Advice:   “Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to who you are.  It doesn’t help to judge yourself.”


“Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to who you are.  It doesn’t help to judge yourself.” Jenny


What is your favourite thing about The Relaxation Centre?

                The fact that it feels like home.  I started at The Relaxation Centre as a Caretaker and Spa Assistant and became a Practitioner later, so I really feel part of the place.

                We’re such a loving and kind community and there’s a real focus on people and caring for people whether they be visitors to the spa, treatment clients or the staff.

                What The Relaxation Centre offers is so revolutionary as well: stress is an epidemic and to relax is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


So, tell us what’s so great about massage and how you got into it.

                I didn’t actually intend on becoming a massage therapy initially!  I suffered with chronic health problems which my GP couldn’t help with, so started looking at alternative health options, such as acupuncture and reiki.

                From this I moved on to having massages and immediately, I experienced a real revelation: I really needed a good quality of touch.  Massage helped me connect with my own body and brought me back to earth in a sense and for that reason it was invaluable to me.

I started training in massage purely to help myself to begin with but the training was a real personal development and I experienced a shift in personal perspective.  Being there for another person involved a part of me which meant I’d learnt more about myself through helping another.

Massage is so valuable to human beings because it helps us get out of our heads and into our bodies and ultimately, find peace.  And on a very basic level, it feels lovely to have someone there with you, taking care of you – everyone craves that!


You also offer one of our newer treatments: the Holistic Face Massage – how would you describe that?

                The Holistic Face Massage is gentle but powerful.  The face is something we present to the world so we have to pay attention to it!

                I would say it’s a really lovely treat – the massage soothes the face and homemade oils (made to suit your skin type) really benefit the skin.  


Apart from Holistic Massage and the Face Massage, what treatment would you recommend the most?

                It really depends on the person’s need but my favourite is the Hot Stone Massage.  It’s different and so relaxing for the body – an effortless way to help people relax.  


As you said before, we live in a stressful world.  What advice would you give to someone trying to learn to relax?

                Start by doing something simple that fits into your life – take time out to notice your breath and become aware of how you feel every now and then. 

                We’re all guilty of getting into routines which are often  very beneficial but sometimes, you need a break from it because that routine can start to incorporate regular stress.  Dealing with chronic stress is extremely wearing on your body so be kind to yourself and be kind to who you are.  It doesn’t help to judge yourself.  


So, how did you come to be in Bristol?

                I’m originally from Wolverhampton but lived in London for 8 years and got to the point where I had to leave.  Around that time I went to Glastonbury and ended up moving there for a year with some friends.  We all then decided to move to Bristol together and spent the next few years living all over the city.

I love Bristol – it’s such a unique place with so much going on, but far more relaxed than London!


And what are the things you love outside of The Relaxation Centre?

                I love to write music with my guitar and I occasionally perform.  Meditation is also hugely important for me and has helped me to find that sense of peace. 

                I love being in nature and just enjoying life!



A Holistic Face Massage with Jenny costs just £36 and you can find out more by clicking here.  Our famous Holistic Massages are tailored to the individual and price is dependent on the length of treatment.  Click here for more information.


To book a treatment with Jenny, call us on 0117 970 6616 or you can email on [email protected]


Thanks Jenny, we’re relaxed just hearing from you!  

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