7 ways to banish holiday stress

Beach familyThe holidays are famously a time to relax, chill out and spend some quality time with the family. The problem is, what with increasing expectations, uber-busy schedules and rising temperatures outside, we can get ourselves tied up in a spot of stress.

Let us, here at The Relaxation Centre, show you how stay calm over the next couple of months.



1. Focus on one thing at a time

There’s so much to do it can sometimes feel like you’re as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof. But make yourself stop and focus on just one task for the next ten minutes (or however long you need). Trying to do too many things at once not only causes stress but also is a contributor to short-term memory loss.


2. Treat yourself.Straightened-Face-Massage-picFEATURED-IMAGE

Don’t forget that it’s your break too. Take some time out for you, or just you and your partner, you and your best friend – whatever combination will feel like you’re spoiling yourself. Here at The Relaxation Centre we’re offering the Twilight Spa for just £20 for an additional hour (5pm – 9pm) in the first two weeks of August, so do take advantage! Click here for more details.


Chocolate3. Don’t forget to eat!

It’s all too easy to worry about the little ones (and big ones for that matter) and forget about yourself, when it comes to feeding time. Keep those blood sugar levels steady throughout the day to avoid binge eating on cheesecake or other temptations and then experience the stress-out sugar slump.


4. Don’t forget your normal routine

It’s sometimes easy to forget the things you’d normally do during term-time…and this may be a great thing! But keep a couple of things ongoing throughout the holidays, not just to combat the stress but also to make that routine a little easier to return to, come September. For instance, if you normally take a lunchtime walk or jog, keep it up; or perhaps you set certain times aside for friends? Well don’t you go neglecting them…


5. Have a bit of a digital detox.

Studies have shown that when we receive a message – be it textual or Twitterual (yes, we made that up) – your body reacts to it instantly with an increased heart rate. This can be helpful, but at the rate we’re going these days, it can be harmful. Use the holidays to take a break for a couple of days a week. Facebook won’t go anywhere, we promise.


6. Stay in the moment.IMG_0548

This is one of the most important skills to learn, and also the hardest. When you feel a surge of stress, try not to react, but just stay in that very moment. Don’t act, just observe and take note of your thoughts. Notice if your thoughts are judgemental and then let go of them. Over time and with practice, you’ll be able to free yourself from stress in almost any situation – holiday or otherwise.


7. Prevent post-holiday bad habits

How you manage your stress during the holidays will affect you weeks afterwards too: develop bad stress habits and they will only spill over into September and beyond and before you know it you’re stuffing your face with sausage rolls on a Tuesday afternoon and snapping at your colleagues. Handle the stress now to prevent it later on.



We hope our tips help you have as stress-free a holiday period as possible.  May the Relaxation be with you.

For more information on our special Twilight Spa offering during the first two weeks of August, please click here or call 0117 9706616.


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