We’re making some much needed changes. Why don’t you?

achieve your goalsSo, it’s no secret now that starting next week, The Relaxation Centre is getting some maintenance work done and generally having a bit of a spruce. We’re awfully excited about getting some of those much needed jobs done and creating a better environment for our visitors, before the next phase of our ‘makeover’ starts at the end of the year!

It’s got us all thinking though: perhaps it’s time that WE had a bit of a spruce too. We’ve all got bad habits, parts of our lives we’d like to change, aspects about our appearance we’d prefer to resemble Cheryl Cole rather than Joe Cole and those things that you’ve ‘always wanted to do’ but never got round to doing.

So where do you start?


1. Assess yourself

Write a list of all the things that you feel need to change in your life, or about yourself and highlight the three most important things on that list. There’s no point in trying to tackle everything: you’ll just set yourself up for a fall.

Be careful that you’re not too hard on yourself and try to focus on the inner you rather than the outer. Trust us, once you love the ‘you’ that’s inside, you’ll love the ‘you’ that’s outside.


2. Set objectives

With your three chosen ‘areas of maintenance’, pick a logical date or deadline for when you’d like to see a change happen. For instance, ‘I’d like to have saved £500 in three months to put towards my finance qualification’.

When we have a deadline to work to, we tend to work more efficiently and the prospect of achieving our goal seems far more ‘real’.


3. Stay on course

Once you’ve decided your goals and your deadline, make sure you keep up the hard work by checking your ‘to do’ list regularly and saying positive affirmations to yourself every morning.

There is no reason why you can’t achieve the goals you’ve set, or make the changes you require – positive determination and perseverance are all you need.


4. Give yourself a pat on the back then look ahead

Once you’ve achieved one your goals, celebrate! Be proud of who you are and of having the gumption to take control of your life and going after your own happiness.

With this new found confidence, you’ll find the next goal far easier to achieve…


During our August maintenance work we’re offering a lovely Twilight Spa deal for just £20 per person! Click here for more information or call us on 0117 970 6616


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