They treat you, soothe you, calm you, counsel you and generally improve our lives in one way or another.  The Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let’s get to know them.

Every month, we meet different practitioner…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jo.


“We’re all capable of loving, being loved and feeling loved. Everything in the world comes down to love: never let it go.” Jo



PractitionerTreatments offered: Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Reiki

Time at Relaxation Centre: 8 years

Main inspiration: Having good teachers in life.

Best piece of advice:  We’re all capable of loving, being loved and feeling loved. Everything in the world come down to love: never let it go.

First album you ever bought: Comsat Angels

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?:  Alphonso mango

Your idol:  Billy Jean King

Hobbies: Yoga, cooking and eating!




“Thai Yoga Massage is a very physical form of relaxation. It reminds us that the brain isn’t just what’s in your head, it incorporates your whole body” Jo


How did you come to be at The Relaxation Centre?

Via another practitioner here, Dominique Saloilsky. I taught pregnancy yoga in London for 10 years and met Dom there. She suggested I join The Relaxation Centre family, and here I am!


What’s your favourite thing about The Relaxation Centre?

The atmosphere, the community feel. There’s some very unusual people that work here and they’re all very loving, accepting and embracing people. Every day is fascinating.


Thai Yoga Massage sounds fascinating. What is it exactly and who is it for?

Thai Yoga Massage is a very traditional and historic tradition that was practised by monks – it goes back thousands of years in fact! It’s an extremely powerful massage that works on the energy channels in the body. It’s a combination of acupressure, applied yoga stretches and working on the energy lines.


Who gets Thai Yoga Massage?

Well it’s a variety and also a very individual based treatment. Often I get people that are doing yoga and floundering with it, other times it’s people with a physical injury and those that do a lot of sport, that come to me. It’s actually very popular with men.

It’s a great treatment in that it’s quite unusual and very interactive, but very much a physical form of relaxation. It reminds us that the brain isn’t just what’s in your head, it incorporates your whole body.


You also offer Reflexology here at the Centre – tell us about that.

Reflexology is a harder one to explain. It’s certainly a lot more than a foot massage!

It involves acupressure and point work again but the focus is that the different parts of the body are reflected in the feet. Reflexology works best when a client has the treatment fairly regularly: problems are identified early on and then healed over time.

I often find that a client will get into a very lucid state rather quickly into the treatment and soon after the rest of the body will start to react.


Tell us about your professional life outside of The Relaxation Centre.

Outside of The Relaxation Centre I am one of just 23 UK practitioners in Gentle Birth Method, otherwise known as Creative Healing. I am also a doula and qualified in Birth Massage or Pregnancy Massage.


What is Gentle Birth Method and how did you get involved in it?

It’s a practise that’s very well known in London and still filtering over to the South West. A very respected woman called Dr. Gowri Motha saw that a lot of women were having caesareans and started to give information about diet to encourage a healthier pregnancy. Part of her practise involves a massage which is based on the lymphatics and decongestion, so that the body is better prepared for birth.

Essentially the method is a combination of massage techniques to ensure everything is working well. It is administered after 14 weeks of pregnancy and is appropriate all the way through the pregnancy, even during the birth itself. The massage focuses on the neck, back and pelvis and repositions nerve plexuses in the backbone.


Reiki is often seen as a rather unusual treatment, can you tell us more about it?

Reiki is hands-on healing and channelling. The practitioner will lay their hands in certain positions and sense where the problems lie.

There’s very much a feeling of trust with Reiki, as a practitioner, I’m very much ‘with’ my Reiki clients and I find that people often open up throughout the treatment and start to understand their own thoughts.

I would say though that to benefit from this treatment, a person must have some understanding of it and be open-minded.


What would you say is the best way to relax?

Take up yoga. It’s something so simple, practical and physical and ultimately trains you how to relax.

Thanks Jo. Once again, an inspirational chat with one of our extremely talented practitioners here at The Relaxation Centre.

To find out more about Gentle Birth Method and Dr. Gowri Motha, please click here.

To find out more about the treatments Jo offers, click here and to book her for a treatment, call us on 0117 970 6616.




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