QiGong for Health and Happiness

Qi GongStretch and relax, breathe and connect, feel invigorated and nourished.  You can do all of this at The Relaxation Centre from Tuesday 23rd September with our brand new QiGong classes with practitioner Alexandra Sticher.

This beautiful practice offers spaciousness within all forms for you to explore what is here for you in this moment. It is an invitation to listen to your being and to allow its innate wisdom to move and open your body.


But what is it?

QiGong is an ancient Chinese practice where Qi translates as ‘life energy’ and Gong as ‘work’ or exercise.  Practise easy to learn yet powerful forms designed to connect you to your body and being, to help bring a lasting sense of harmony and health.  Mindful movement exercises connect us to the natural flow of Qi in and around us and thus to the root of our vitality.


How does it help?

The benefits of QiGong may include the support of healing processes: physical, mental or emotional.  Breath, movement, thought and intention move Qi, clearing energy blockages and removing stagnation from the body.

QiGong combats stress, depression, aches, pains and tension, whilst strengthening the body and promoting inner stillness.

In summary, QiGong…

• strengthens and tones muscles and overall subtlety in the body

• relaxes the mind and calms thoughts

• heals the body from injury

• supports the body to fight off pathogens such as seasonal colds

• aids recovery from long-term or chronic illness.


What happens in a QiGong class?

The classes start with warm up exercises and a series of gentle stretches that open and activate the energy Meridian channels in the body for self-healing.   This is followed by a variety of QiGong forms to directly experience and work with your subtle energy. We will end with 5 -10 minutes of sitting or lying down.


Let’s hear from the expert a.sticher portrait Sept 2014SMALL

Alexandra Sticher draws upon her 15 years of experience as a practitioner of Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapy:

“Since I started my practice, I have been teaching my clients specially tailored exercises to support them as individuals and they appreciate and recognise the accumulative benefits they experience between treatments. These results led me into starting the QiGong teacher training course. Doctors in China prescribe QiGong to improve health conditions and I’m thrilled to be a part of that process.”


When can I start?

Classes start on Tuesday 23rd September, 7.15-8.45pm in the Meditation Room at The Relaxation Centre and are on a drop-in or pre-book basis.  You can also block book classes to save some cash.

Drop-in classes are £8 per class and the concessionary rate for block bookings is £7 per class – contact Alexandra (details below) for further information.

If you are a Friend of The Relaxation Centre, you can enjoy your first lesson HALF PRICE!  Just be sure to quote your Friendship number upon booking.

Classes are suitable for all levels and experience of QiGong.  Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring your favourite blanket.

For more information please email Alexandra on Alexandra@alexandrashiatsu.co.uk, call on 0779 2235 862 or click here.


For more information on Alexandra’s Shiatsu, Craniosacral or Equine Massage practises, please follow these links:










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