They treat you, soothe you, calm you, counsel you and generally improve our lives in one way or another. The Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let’s get to know them.

Every month, we meet different practitioner…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Isabelle.


“Ignore bad people and enjoy your life.” Isabelle


Isabelle_Sept 2014SMALLFACTSHEET:

Years at The Relaxation Centre: 4 months

Treatments offered: Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Holistic Face Massage

Hobbies: Cinema, Theatre, Socialising, Travelling, Music

Favourite Songs: Michael Jackson, “Thriller” and Madonna, “Holiday”

Who do you look up to?: My best friend, Nadine. She’s my fairytale!

Where’s your dream place to live?: Bordeaux, France or Brighton, England. Both are lively and by the sea.

Best Piece of Advice: “Ignore bad people and enjoy your life. Don’t worry, be happy!”


“Try not to overthink things and find a positive way to let go of bad things” Isabelle


What is your favourite thing about The Relaxation Centre?

The clientele here differ to those that opt for a hotel spa for instance – they’re generally less stressed! The environment in The Relaxation Centre completely rejects stress so I’d imagine that explains it.

I also love how fresh it is here: it’s like a sunflower. You feel relaxed coming to work which helps to relax the client and therefore provide them with the very best treatment. In order to have a positive treatment you need to have a positive practitioner and all the practitioners here are positive, kind and hugely professional.


The Holistic Face Massage is one of The Relaxation Centre’s newer treatments. What would you say is so wonderful about it?

The Holistic Face Massage releases the facial muscles as well as the mind, combatting stress and anxiety. It also helps with tiredness and fatigue whilst improving the elasticity of the skin.

The treatment we offer here is extra special as we make up the oils, in-house, according to your preferences and skin type.


What about Reflexology?

I would say, the benefits of Reflexology are very much dependent on the individual and their particular issues that need addressing – it’s not necessarily for everyone or every problem.

Our feet hold a map of the body within them and using this map a practitioner can improve a person’s lifestyle, offer psychological and physiological relaxation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress and anxiety.


Tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you from?

I’ve been in England for 6 years and moved from Paris. Originally I’m from Normandy.


So, how did you come to be in Bristol?

I wanted a change and to improve my English. Recruiters in France actually told me that to get a better job, my English needed improving, so I first moved to Reading and then shortly after, Bath, where I live now.


How did you get into holistic therapies?

When I first moved to England I started working hotels but really didn’t get on with it. I realised I wanted to do something that I actually had a passion for and that I could take with me, anywhere – but I just didn’t know what that was yet.

I did a personality/career test and the result was that I should be in a ‘caring’ field – counselling, massage, holistic therapies etc, so I signed up to a course with Bath College. My course leader, Diana Rowe, actually recommended I come work for The Relaxation Centre after I finished my massage training, so I have her to thank for that!


What would you say is most important in life?

To be happy with yourself. To understand your past and where you came from. Personally, I didn’t have a happy childhood so it’s important to me to bring a happiness to the future and let go of anger.

Try not to overthink things and find a positive way to let go of bad things.

There is a French saying that roughly translates as “We can’t get everything in life: the money, the butter and the Dairy.” It means that you can’t have everything that want – it’s impossible. So you may as well stop grasping for it and be happy with what you do have.


To book a treatment with Isabelle, call us on 0117 970 6616 or you can email on  To find out more about Holistic Massage, Reflexology, the Holistic Face Massage or any of our treatments, click here.


Follow Isabelle on Twitter: @HBodyKneads


Thanks Isabelle, what a sunny, positive interview.


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