They treat you, soothe you, calm you, counsel you and generally improve our lives in one way or another. The Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let’s get to know them.

Every month, we meet different practitioner…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Emma.


“Always live from your heart. Always find the truth of your knowing in your heart and you can’t go wrong.” Emma


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Years at The Relaxation Centre:   1

Treatments offered:   Holistic Massage, Colour Light therapy

First Album you Purchased:   “Remember You’re the Wombles” by The Wombles

Favourite Film:   “Spirited Away”

Your idol:  I don’t have one. I admire anyone that lives from truth.

Ultimate Pet Peeve:   Smugness and people not being themselves.

Best Piece of Advice:   “Always live from your heart. Always find the truth of your knowing in your heart and you can’t go wrong.”


“[Relaxation] is dropping deeply into a still space and moving to quietness and peace” Emma


What is your favourite thing about The Relaxation Centre?

The community. I love that there’s no sense of hierarchy here; I’ve worked here as a Cleaner, on Reception, as a Duty Manager and as a Practitioner and it’s seamless. We are all integral cogs of a working atmosphere and that pulling together as a team makes things very peaceful.


What does ‘relax’ mean to you?

Dropping deeply into a still space and moving to quietness and peace.


What advice would you give to someone trying to relax?

This really depends on the person. Holistically speaking, I’d say having someone fully present with you and listening to you makes you relax. People sometimes just need a connection; then, you can do something you love and generally take some time out.


You offer Colour Light Therapy as a treatment. What is it exactly?

A basic way of putting it is that it’s like acupuncture but without the needles. A torch with various coloured rods is placed on the meridian lines and each colour transmits a pure energy to release any blockages that may be there. It is essentially used to clear the energy lines.


So what can one expect from the treatment?

We sit down and discuss the client’s issues and what they hope to achieve from the treatment. Colour Light Therapy can work on a physical as well as an emotional level so it’s important to understand the client as much as possible and what it is they are dealing with. Counselling is almost part of the treatment in that respect.

It is certainly not a ‘head to toe’ treatment, it is really quite targeted although remains a rather flexible and investigative treatment. It is something best received through several sessions (much like acupuncture) and as a practitioner, it is my job to be as versatile as possible.


How did you get into Colour Light Therapy?

I got into it via the School of Awakening and underwent three and a half years of training there.


Other than Colour Light Therapy, what other treatment would you recommend?

It would have to be massage as it’s so important. The body simply doesn’t know how to fully relax without the deep touch of massage – the muscle needs to be told how to relax. Some tensions simply won’t go away without massage – it’s almost like tuning your car up, it needs to be done to get the best out of your body!

Apart from the necessity of massage, it’s also a time where you can just go to totally relax and enjoy that fact that someone is completely and utterly there for you.


How did you come to be in Bristol?

I was born in Salisbury but grew up in Yorkshire. I left there at 16 and moved to Swansea, London and other places.

Bristol is by far my favourite city; I knew it to be home quite quickly and have always had friends and contacts here from the complementary/alternative health scene.

Bristol has a softness and heart to it. Something in my bones draws me to Bristol!


Tell us a little more about your professional background

Well, I’ve been a bodywork practitioner for about 10 years and originally managed a complementary health clinic (Wellspring Complementary Health Clinic). I left this job to do tantric healing work but sadly it didn’t have the depth of integrity within the field as I would have hoped – it became too commercial and about making a ‘product’ rather than healing.

So, I dropped this career and went to Tuscany where I spent two weeks with a tantric master and learnt ‘The Form’. This is something originated by Bernie Prior and will take you more deeply into knowing yourself (more than meditation). It’s almost like pressing a ‘reset’ button on your life. After this, my life completely changed! I had been coming to The Relaxation Centre for about 8 years so decided to move my career here and haven’t looked back since!


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d live on a boat and travel!




For more information on Colour Light Therapy, click here. To book a treatment with Emma, please call us on 0117 970 6616 or email


Thanks Emma, how lucky we are to have you.


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