15 things from the 90s to make smile

The Relaxation Centre first opened its doors in 1993 which to many of us, seems like yesterday. However, and not wishing to alarm you, that was MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS AGO *clutches chest in horror*.

Given our closure in March we’re getting all nostalgic and it got us thinking about all the weird and wonderful, cringe and binge things from the 90s.

Fancy a flavour of our Spa in the 90s? Come along to our Retro Meditative Monday on 23rd February for just £19 for the day! Click here for more info.

In the meantime, enjoy these beauties…


1. We got serious about fortune telling

Fortune Teller

2. The stirruped legging somehow became a staple


3. We all became very busy and important by getting a pager. Despite the only people paging us being our mates and our Mums.


4. Dale Winton, his tan, and a lot of very unnecessary rushing in the supermarket

Supermarket Sweep

5. Recording the radio. On a TAPE.


6. Two words, one excellent movement for all womankind: SPICE GIRLS.

spice girls

7. With a head shinier than one of his crystals, Richard O’Brien and The Crystal Maze

crystal maze

8. The decade of putting ridiculous things in your hair


9. WWF – suddenly wrestling became INTERESTING


10. Before the days where he just did deals, he had Noel’s House Party

noels house party

11. Combat Trousers: as worn by every man, woman and child. But mostly: All Saints.

Brit Awards/All Saints 2

12. “Take That” One Direction, these guys were the original boy band

take that

13. Chris Evans making glasses and red hair cool with TFI Friday

TFI Friday

14. Bum bags…bad. But at least we don’t call them fanny packs.

GMTV's Mr Motivator with Cindy Crawford

15. Britpop. You were either in camp Oasis or camp Blur, you couldn’t have both. Not unless you wanted a fight over your anoraks or something.

oasis blur


Yes, what a wonderful time it was. Come along to our Retro Meditative Monday on 23rd February and think about the old days with us. Bring your Game Boy.


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