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A New Start

After 22 years, The Relaxation Centre at All Saints Road closed its doors on 29th March 2015.   For any enquiries about unused vouchers please contact 0117 970 6616. Have a favourite Practitioner?  Most of the Relaxation Centre’s Practitioners are still available and many offer home visits.  For more information and to see the Practitioner profiles, please... Read more →

Social Anxiety: the problem so many of us have but don’t mention

Shared by 1 in 10 of the UK population: Social Anxiety Disorder. Read more about it and where to get help. Read more →

15 things from the 90s to make smile

With our closure 8 weeks away, we're holding a Spa day from the 90s. To get you in the mood, here are some things you may have forgotten about... Read more →

5 Face Yoga Exercises to Make you Beautiful…no, really

We believe in yoga for the body, so why not yoga for the face? Try this simple routine 6 times a week for a prettier you. Read more →

Reflexology Explained

Reflexology is a Treatment often misunderstood as 'just a foot massage'. Read on to find out just how much it can benefit you... Read more →

Viva La Resolution – Seven tips on making and keeping New Year resolutions

Are resolutions worth making? And, if so, how can we help ourselves keep them? Here are seven tips for a resolute 2013 Read more →

5 ways to Keep Calm and Jingle On

Christmas is a crazy and stressful time of year. With our help, it can be a calm and wonderful time, full of smiles! Here's our 5 steps to Christmas calm... Read more →

10 ways to keep that chin up when things get tough

Sometimes, life is hard and it's tricky to stay positive. Here's our advice on how to keep your chin up when you're blue. Read more →


They treat you, soothe you, calm you, counsel you and generally improve our lives in one way or another. The Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let’s get to know them. Read more →

7 ways to Sleep Heaven

If you have trouble focusing during the day or constantly feel exhausted, your sleep pattern could be all wrong. Here's how to put it right. Read more →

Music for your Brain

Whether you need some instant stress relief, a memory boost or want to enrich your child's life, music can help. Read more →

Your Pictures of Relaxation

Do you need a moment of relaxation? Indulge in these beautiful pictures from our Friends here at The Relaxation Centre. Read more →

Stress Less Foods: Rethink your Comfort Eating

Don't let a heartbreak lead to a heart attack. Rethink your comfort food and you'll find yourself less stressed and probably a bit slimmer. Read more →

6 Benefits of Holistic Face Massage: Your Alternative Facial

A Face Massage is a totally under-celebrated treatment that not only leaves you looking younger and more refreshed, but can also be beneficial to your health. Read on to find out how this wonderful little treatment can make your week that much better! Read more →


Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre. Every month, we get to know another; this month, we chat to Isabelle. Read more →

Exercise to Calm your Mind

Exercise is not only good for our bodies, but fundamental for a healthy mind too. Read on to find out how... Read more →

QiGong for Health and Happiness

Qigong can assist with a variety of health problems - both mental and physical - and we're thrilled to now offer Qigong classes with Alexandra Sticher. Read more →

Mindfulness Explained.

Mindfulness has become a necessary part of life with even the NHS now encouraging it. Here's our quick guide on what it is and where you can find out more. Read more →


Practitioners are an important part of the family here at The Relaxation Centre, so let's get to know them. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jo. Read more →

Steps to Nonviolent Communication

Here at The Relaxation Centre we value the practises of Nonviolent Communication very highly. We welcome Deepak Chopra to tell us more. Read more →