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About Us

Hidden in a quiet street in Clifton, The Relaxation Centre is much more than a health spa – it is a secret waiting to be discovered…

Having laid our roots some 20 years ago, we’ve been merrily mastering the art of ‘taking it easy’ ever since. A thriving community of passionate, positive folk, we have proudly created a soulful haven in the heart of Bristol. A place where you come to slow down, nourish yourself and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.

Why Relax?

Life is better when you relax….

Aside from making life more pleasurable, creative and productive, there is increasing scientific evidence that shows relaxation profoundly improves health and wellbeing. It can help battle the effects of the stress and tension of today’s crazy world, and provides the body with the optimum environment for health and healing. What better reason to stop and breathe for a moment?