Eve meditating in garden landscape

Spa facilities

Our spa facilities are unique, beautiful and naturally inspired. We have indoor and outdoor spa areas (open all year round). Read on to find out about what we have on offer:

Hot-tubOutdoor Hot Tub

Soak yourself into open-air bliss.
Bathing outdoors in gorgeously bubbly hot water, feeling the fresh air on your face and hearing the sounds of the garden and the songs of the birds as you gaze into the sky – what could be more peaceful and relaxing?

Redwood Barrel Sauna

Enjoying the heat closer to nature.
With its charmingly rustic looks, and its proximity to the plunge pool, the barrel sauna provides the same relaxing deep heat and beneficial effects of the indoor sauna, but with the added bonus of being in the beautiful garden, only a few steps away from an invigorating al fresco cool down.

SaunaIndoor Sauna

Feel the heat ease impurities out of your body.
As you sit or recline on one of the benches in the wooden-slatted sauna your cardio-vascular system is stimulated, causing sweat to flow freely, carrying toxins and impurities out of your body. Afterwards you will feel cleansed and invigorated and your skin feels soft and supple.

Steam Room

Breathe easier with eucalyptus-scented steam.
Here you will feel the thick steam, heavy with the aroma of eucalyptus milk stimulating you to breathe more deeply. It can be a great help to those with respiratory and sinus problems.

Spa poolSpa Pool

Pamper your weary body with jets and bubbles.
Enjoy the natural pleasures of a long, warm soak in our deep spa pool, where sensual, soothing jets and soft bubbles add to your enjoyment.

Infra Red Sauna

A heat therapy to soothe muscles deep down.
This treatment uses deeply penetrating infra-red rays and a slow-building heat to bring relief to tired and aching muscles. The infra-red sauna can be used on its own or in addition to the spa facilities.

Eating teacakes in the Relaxation LoungeRelaxation Lounge

A tranquil comfort zone for refuelling and rest.
Our Relaxation Lounge is a cosy snug with beautiful views over the meditation garden. There are big, soft cushions and chairs to sit around on, and hidden beds if you fancy a snooze. Light refreshments are available: hot and cold drinks, plus our famous teacakes!

Meditation Garden

Calm and contemplation to the sounds of rustling leaves and chattering birds.
Close to the heart of the city, this is a rare space of peace, tranquillity and natural beauty. Relax contentedly on the grass as your thoughts and worries gently drift away. Linger quietly amongst the flowers and shrubs. Watch the fish swimming peacefully to and fro. Meditate in these calm, natural surroundings.

Plunge poolCold Plunge Pool

The ultimate post-sauna chilling out experience.
The perfect sensory accompaniment to the barrel sauna – when your skin is glowing, and sweat pours from your body, cleansing it from the inside out, nothing is as refreshing or revitalising as a plunge straight into a pool of cold water. It is a natural high that the Finns have known about for centuries.