Pregnancy and The Relaxation Centre

Straightened Face Massage picPregnancy Treatments

With the exception of Hot Stone Massage, all of our treatments are suitable for pregnant women. We have many practitioners who are trained and experienced in treating throughout pregnancy, both in the first trimester and thereafter. As well as providing deep relaxation, treatments can help provide relief from some of the common pregnancy related problems, including back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and morning sickness. Please just mention how many weeks through your pregnancy you are when you make your booking, and we can allocate you a suitable practitioner.

We offer various other pregnancy related treatments and classes here at The Relaxation Centre and have many specifically trained practitioners in this area of expertise. Ante-natal yoga takes place on Mondays and Thursdays but for more details on our other offerings, do call us on 0117 9706616.


Can I use the spa during pregnancy?

  • We advise you consult your GP or midwife prior to using the spa facilities if you are pregnant. It is generally considered to be a good idea to avoid overheating during pregnancy, and this may well mean that you choose to avoid using our saunas and steam rooms. The hot tub and spa bath are no hotter than a bath, and many pregnant women find them very relaxing and enjoyable if used in moderation. It’s best to check with your medical practitioner prior to visiting if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We also have a wide range of holistic treatments which are fantastic through all stages of pregnancy, and a team of great practitioners who are very experienced in treating pregnant women.