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In addition to our core treatments, independent practitioners at The Relaxation Centre also offer the following therapies.

Please contact the practitioners directly on the numbers listed below for information or appointments.

Alexander Technique

Alexandar-TechniqueThis technique helps train you to overcome both physical behaviours and ways of thinking that have become ingrained by habit, and can prove useful with improving poor posture.

Anita Bennet MSTAT, BA, WSI
Tel: 0117 942 4232


Counselling and Therapy

TinaCounselling and therapy is a place for you to talk, to feel your feelings, to be witnessed, to find yourself more at home in your body and to come to a deeper experience and understanding of your life. I work with people both short and long term. I also offer EFT and PSYCH-K. Free initial consultation.

Tina Malhotra Dip Psychosynthesis Counselling & Therapy, EFT Level 2, PSYCH-K Advanced Facilitator. Tel: 07951 246 890; I am based in The Practice Rooms in Clifton Village


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFTEFT has proven successful in improving all kinds of emotional, health and performance issues. It is a rapid and effective method of bringing about change and often works where nothing else will.

Karen Bell MA, MSc, EFT Level 3
Tel: 0117 969 9088

Holistic Therapy & Healing

SueMedical doctor, specialised in general practice & psychiatry. Now working from the heart, with counselling/psychotherapy, meditation and energywork.

Dr Sue Edgley (MBBS, MRCGP, MRCPych)
Tel: 01453 885707

Homeopathy & Counselling

daisy arnica blueHomeopathy works with our vital force to support the body’s healing process, release emotional blocks and free up energy, to gently bring us into balance. This renewed energy enables us to meet life’s challenges and embrace opportunities to set us on our life path.

Carolyn Burdet
07769 652254


Life Coaching

Life-Coaching-webLife Coaching helps us gain Clarity and Confidence, empowering us to move forward, making choices that will lead us to an effective, balanced and fulfilled life. Life Coaching is confidential, non-judgemental and non-advisory.

Anne Miller B.Ed, ICF ACC
Tel: 07722 110228

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Steve-MallinsonAchieve job promotion,develop relaxed states, feel confident, overcome phobias, stop smoking, improve communication, increase motivation, clarify goals and direction, change unwanted habits, release stress, achieve ideal weight, change limiting beliefs.

Steve Mallinson B.A. NLP Master Practitioner, Cert Hypnotherapy
Tel: 07966 714292 Click here for more information


Nutritional Therapy

JaneyNutritional therapy is a holistic approach to optimising health and vitality through nutrition. Janey employs a variety of methods, including dietary changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, detoxification programmes and stress management techniques. For more information, please contact Janey directly or visit her website.

Janey Twigger BSc (Nutritional Medicine), BANT member, NTC & CNHC Reg.
Tel: 07971 515307

Pilates (one-to-one)

PilatesPilates works the deeper muscles, mobilising joints, easing stress, aches and pains, improving posture, flexibility and strength – especially the back and abdominals. Slow, controlled movements give longer term results. Suitable for everyone.

Joyce Tyson BA, ITEC, AMT, BCP
Tel: 0117 902 4603

Positive Meditation

Mark-DunnPositive Meditation combines inquiry and meditation techniques. You will learn a powerful life skill, which you can use to liberate yourself from anger, addiction, sadness, stress, worry or depression thus allowing you to lead a more joyful and creative life.

Mark Dunn
Tel: 07854 068600

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