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Colour light therapy

Colour light therapyThis is a non-intrusive form of healing, which works on similar points to acupuncture using a colour light torch, helping to harmonise and balance.

What happens?

Egyptians placed gemstones of various colours on points of the body to treat illness. Tibetans use colour, to this day, to awaken particular states of consciousness. There is much research and various approaches to using colour to heal.

Vigyan, our colour light therapy practitioner will begin each session by asking about your general health and wellbeing in order to adapt the session to suit you. A coloured light torch is then applied to the skin at specific points on the acupuncture meridians.

Benefits of treatment

Recent scientific research has proven that the cells in the body naturally communicate through the frequency of light. Each coloured light used in colour light therapy carries a particular frequency message which cells throughout the body can easily absorb and transmit to facilitate balance and health. As the healing message is received, the cause of the disharmony is released. In this way the person begins to resonate with their natural capacity for health. It is very effective for treating stress, anxiety and depression. Deeper seated problems can be addressed with a series of sessions.

A colour light therapy session will leave you feeling very relaxed, revitalised and curious about how it works.

Session lengths available (prices include VAT)

30 mins – £36
1 hr – £60
How to book
Call us on 0117 970 6616 to find out more and book a session.

The image is taken from the article Colour Light Therapy by Charaka Satyam, which was originally published in Positive Health PH Online Issue 99 May 2004.

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