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Holistic face massage

Face massageRelease your inner radiance with a brand new treatment from The Relaxation Centre – The Holistic Face Massage.

What happens?

After a consultation your practitioner will apply hot face cloths to open pores ready for the treatment. The massage begins with the application of jojoba seed oil as a base oil with your choice of: Rose oil (renowned for balancing the skin and smelling divine) or Frankincense oil (a natural skin rejuvenator with anti-ageing properties, also known to promote calmness). The nourishing oils sink into the skin as the entire face is treated with a blissful massage.

Contrasting with the heat of the face cloths, smooth cool stones are applied to specific points to help close pores and invigorate and awaken the complexion. The stones feel particularly soothing around eyes where tension and tiredness is often held.
To finish, a zingy aromatic spritz of Geranium and Roman Chamomile or Mandarin and Cypress to tone and freshen the complexion.

As well as focusing on the face, the neck, décolleté and head are also massaged for an all round blissful and restorative indulgence.

Benefits of treatment

Stress often shows itself in the face and considering there are over 40 muscles in the human face, massaging this area can be hugely beneficial for banishing built up tensions. Massage is also known to help boost circulation, which energises the skin and lifts the spirit.

This treatment combines luxurious massage with the use of wonderfully therapeutic oils to release facial tensions, deeply relax you and help enliven and rejuvenate the complexion.

To book or find out more about our Holistic Face Massage call us on 0117 970 6616.

Session length available (price includes VAT)

30 mins – £36

How to book

Call us on 0117 970 6616 to find out more and book a session.

Please read our cancellation policy.

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