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Meet Alexandra Sticher

Alexandra Sticher‘Embrace the courage to heal, be more of who you truly are. Live your full aliveness!’

My treatments

Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy

Who can benefit from my treatments?

Anybody who wishes to feel better or explore themselves more deeply.
For over 14 years I have worked with -and learned from- people and horses from many walks of life and conditions. Causes may be physical, mental or emotional.
All our experiences have shaped us and our lives. They are held within the body and manifest as symptoms. Individual sessions are led by the wisdom of the body and offer a space to pause, become still, listen deeply and relate directly to these experiences.
Both types of treatments compliment any western medical treatment you may be having. Alongside sessions I offer supportive practices which you may like to integrate into your way of life: Qi Gong, meditation, relaxation techniques and dietary recommendations

What inspires me?

Healing occurs in such simplicity. Real presence offers a re-connection to our core.
The wise body has a message for us every time.
Listening deeply to the inherent wisdom in each of us, we realise that all we need is there.
I am humbled witnessing clients’ transformation processes.

How I like to relax

Being with my partner and son.
Doing things that connect me to the Greater:
Being with the horses, on the earth.
Walking my dog in the woods – especially at dusk.
Listening to the sounds of the trees and birds, or the stillness.
Being near, or swimming in the sea.

My other interests

Horse Riding: Dressage and enjoying time in the woods with horse and dog, Shiatsu for Horses and Riders, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Nourish and support myself through receiving regular treatments, good food!


Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Equine Shiatsu Practitioner, Reiki

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