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Meet Alice Hartley

My treatment


Who can benefit from my treatments?

Everybody! Who doesn’t feel better for being profoundly listened and tended to?! Shiatsu treatments are tailor made for the individual, to meet them wherever and however they are. I have regular shiatsu and can attest to treatments being transformational for me, as well as shifting physical aches and pains.

I have over 15 years experience as a Shiatsu practitioner/teacher and have worked in many different fields using Shiatsu including mental health, addiction, learning disability, dementia and perinatally (including fertility and conception).

What inspires me?

Transformation through Shiatsu; whether it be release from pain and discomfort or making real (sometimes difficult) and sustained positive changes in our lives. Seeing people to move towards their potential.

How I like to relax

Sitting in the tub with a beautiful view and some wonderful music playing! Spending time in nature with friends and family (I am mother to two rather gorgeous children). Eating fabulous foods with good friends who like doing the same! Simple pleasures really…

My other interests

Growing my own food. Foraging and the inevitable jamming and pickling that ensues! Foreign travel-especially when warm water diving is involved!


Shiatsu Diploma
Member of Registered Shiatsu Society practitioners (MRSS)
Teaching qualification FAETC
Sivananda yoga Teacher (also trained in Birthlight yoga)
Thai masseur ITTC
Auricular acupuncture-NADA also Hep C specialism

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Tel: 07814 986094



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