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Meet Christine Lunt

“Reiki provides balance, stillness, clarity and wholeness.”

My treatment


Who can benefit from my treatments?

Anyone. Reiki helps balance a person physically, mentally and emotionally. For a person in good health Reiki can offer a pleasant way to relax, relieve stress and increase energy and vitality.

What inspires me?

The simplicity and power of Reiki. I place my hands on someone and the Reiki flows. It goes where it is needed. I use it on myself every day and can not imagine my life without it. My cat loves it too! I love sharing it with others and teaching it.

Reiki draws me to myself and in it I find balance, stillness, clarity and wholeness.

How I like to relax

Making jams and chutney. Baking bread and cakes. Seeing my friends. Doing Reiki. Pootling around my house. Listening to music.

My other interests

Teaching Reiki, which I have done since 1996.

Counselling individuals and couples, I work with anyone who wants to address issues in their life; in particular people with depression, infertility, stress, relationship and career difficulties.

Teaching adults and children Buteyko – a breathing technique that can help those with asthma, emphysema, COPD, panic attacks, sleep apnoea, snoring and other breathing problems.

Creating and taking funerals for those who want a unique service, that honours and celebrates the person who has died.

Conducting naming ceremonies.


Reiki I and II 1992
Reiki Master 1996
Tradis healing Foundation 1999
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Studies 1997
Buteyko Teacher Training Part 1 May 2007
Buteyko Teaching Diploma 2009
Licentiate in Theology 1977
Bachelor of Theology 1978
I am a member of The Reiki Alliance
The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
The Buteyko Breathing Association

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