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Meet Daksha Marana

Daksha Marana“Helping people return to a balanced and blissful state is my gift and my passion.”

My treatments

Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage

Who can benefit from my treatments?

Helping people return to a balanced and blissful state is my gift and my passion. So anyone who is seeking to unwind from mental and physical tension and experience a total ‘let go’ would benefit from my massage.

My natural style is flowing with a gentle to firm pressure depending upon your needs. I work with a sensitivity to facilitate a deep level of relaxation that brings a profound level of nourishment for body and soul.

What inspires me?

Discovering that the body is a doorway to your soul is what inspires me to practise massage. Massage is a personal practice for me; it’s a wonderful way to connect deeply with myself and with others and to witness the transformations that take place through this way of working with the body. There are so many rewards, happy smiles after a session being just one of them.

How I like to relax

By following my own advice as much as I can and forgiving myself when I let ‘busyness’ take over! I cultivate a relaxed lifestyle through my choices: in work, living environment and pace of life. I have regular massage, a personal practise, enjoy nature, films, bathing and most importantly I spend a lot of time every day simply being with myself, quietly for a few moments or a few hours on the sofa or in the garden (with pots and pots of the finest Chinese /Japanese tea!).

My other interests

I follow a path of spiritual practise and personal growth, which is invaluable to me in my life and my work, I teach this approach to others through workshops. I also love to dance! Dance gets you into your body and helps you to move your energy. It’s what led me to and supports me today in practising massage.

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Qualifications Holistic Massage Certificate (IIHHT)
Indian Head Massage (IIHHT)
Shamanic Practitioners Certificate
Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd degree
NLP Practitioner Certificate and Contemporary Dance HND

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