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Meet Jenny Hampton

JennyMy treatment

Holistic Massage, Couples Massage Workshops, Reiki

Who can benefit from my treatments?

Who can benefit from my treatments? People who are open to relax, unwind and discover a deeper connection to their body, heart and being. Anyone who is open to letting go of stress and mental, emotional and physical tensions. This can range from conditions such as: acute physical pain, high stress from work, all stages of pregnancy, going through a major life transition, managing a chronic illness and many others.

What inspires me?

How each treatment is unique and spontaneous. I’m fascinated to discover exactly where someone is at on that day and work with them to see what will help them the most. I feel privileged that my work can help people to connect to and love their body and deepen the nurturing and self-care that will transform them long term.

How I like to relax

Meditation, spa time, hanging out with friends, watching films, walking in nature.

My other interests are

Writing and playing music on the piano and guitar, artistic expression of all kinds, discovering and becoming who I know I am inside, helping others when I can.

My qualifications

Diploma in holistic massage MTI approved; USUI Reiki Level 3


07790 330 531



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