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Meet Jo Harrison

“My therapies make one feel buoyant and full of energy.”

My treatments

Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki

Who can benefit from my treatments?

I specialise in the care of pregnant mothers. I teach pregnancy yoga as well as doing massage-based treatments that are gentle yet highly suited to all the changes that take place, on a physical and emotional level – making pregnancy enjoyable and a gentle birth more likely – leading to a happy mother and child.

What inspires me?

I find all these treatments immensely powerful, bringing about relief from muscular tensions, fluctuating mind-states and anxiety that easily manifest in our lives. These therapies make one feel buoyant and full of energy.

How I like to relax

Yoga and meditation – being challenged by an accomplished yoga teacher in my weekly yoga class and a chance to absorb ancient wisdom and teachings.

My other interests

Deepening my knowledge of these therapies, through practising them and seeking inspiration from others with more experience in this field. I also practice Creative Healing (part of Gentle Birth Method Treatment Schedule for Pregnant Women).


Thai Yoga Massage Association
Association of Reflexologists
The VSVSI Lineage of Reiki Practitioners
The Creative Healing Institute formalised by Dr Gowri Metha (Gentle Birth Method Practitioners)


07837 944993


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