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Meet Jon Lee

Jon Lee“Our ailment often contains the seed of good health. Acupuncture helps to nourish that seed.”

My treatment


Who can benefit from my treatments?

Acupuncture treats individual conditions, and the whole person. I tailor treatments individually to the particular circumstances of the patient, alleviating specific symptoms whilst harmonising underlying health weaknesses and patterns. I also practice Tuina (twee-na) which is Chinese massage that uses the same concepts and points as acupuncture itself, but without the needles. This can play an important part in your treatment, especially if needles do not appeal. Whatever the initial problem, people usually find treatment relaxing and energising.

What inspires me?

Helping people back to health, relieving pain, and helping people to feel relaxed and energised. I love the way that Acupuncture, Qi Qong and Tuina work together to create healthy outcomes.

How I like to relax

I practice qi gong, yoga and meditation, walk and climb in the mountains and I like dancing (preferably with nobody watching!)

My other interests

I’m passionate about the value of Qi Gong to a healthy life. Qi Gong is a little like Chinese yoga, but encompasses all sorts of exercises, meditations and ways of thinking that can help bring us into connection with our real vitality. I often show simple exercises to clients to address specific imbalances. I have also trained in Thai Massage and Shiatsu.


BSc and Lic. Ac – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
MBAcC – Member of the British Acupuncture Council
Diploma in Tuina Chinese Massage
Advanced Diploma in Tuina Chinese Massage
Diploma in Thai Massage
Certificate in Virginia Doran’s Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
PhD – Physics, MSc – Cognitive Science, BSc – Physics and Philosophy
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