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Meet Karen Allen

Karen Allen“I offer what I’d like to receive: a flexible, sensitive treatment”

My treatments

Holistic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Couple Massage Workshops

About Me

When I receive massage. I want to let go mentally as well as physically and walk out feeling light, free and comfortable in my own skin. I offer what I’d like to receive: a flexible, sensitive treatment. It might include elements of deep tissue massage, postural realignment or reiki as well as work on specific muscular issues. ‘Gentle but deep’ often sums it up. And if you don’t feel able to say anything much after a treatment, I usually take that as a good sign…

My mother opened a natural therapy centre in North Wales during the 1980s, and so as well as meeting many interesting people, I’ve received and practiced reiki or massage all my adult life. I work part time, my other occupation is supporting the families and friends of people affected by mental illness. I’m also developing an edible Forest Garden in Devon… an exciting project!

My qualifications

1986 Reiki 1 with Marta Getty, Usui Shyiki Ryoho system

1988 Reiki 2 with Marta Getty, Usui Shyiki Ryoho system
2004 Professional massage training with Andy Fagg and Charmaine Storer, Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB)
2006 Deep Tissue Massage with Andy Fagg, BCMB
2007 Reading Bodies with Anna Orren, BCMB
2007 Freeing the Shoulders with Darien Prichard, BCMB
2009 Shiatsu and meditation week with Diana Barnard
2010 Sciatica Assessment and Muscle Energy techniques with Adam Carter, Bristol School of Thai Masage (BSTM)
2010 Postural Assessment and Repositional Release techniques with Adam Carter, BSTM

I am a member of the Massage Training Institiute and of the Complementary Healthcare Council (registration 000071-F09).

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