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Meet Luke Norland


My treatments

Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga Massage

Who can benefit from my treatments?

Through the application of a patient-centred experience, my treatments fuse wide-ranging influences that focus on stimulating the innate energy of the person. Experience has taught me that massage therapy can be a catalyst for positive change, be it on a purely physical, or more internal basis (mind / emotions). Whether working on a futon or table, adapting to each patient is fundamental to delivering appropriate treatment based on causes/ underlying imbalances as well as providing symptomatic relief.

What inspires me?

I was raised with Homeopathy; my childhood home was a school and this approach to sustainable health has been part of my life from a young age, so learning massage came intuitively to me. I am passionate about helping to ease acute and chronic pain, contributing to a person’s sense of wellbeing, vitality and awareness of their own state of health. I like to discuss and advise where appropriate, about the benefits of stretching, self-massage, breathing, and alternatives to conventional medication, so that patients can be active in maintaining the benefits of their sessions.

How I like to relax

I relax mind and body with breathing and stretching, enjoy cycling and dancing for exercise, and like to wind down in the evenings cooking some wholesome, tasty food.

My other interests

I am also a musician, performing regularly with my band around Bristol and at UK festivals. I feel that my musical experience has parallels with massage: the discipline to learn and perfect techniques; good sense of rhythm and timing; intuition and improvisation; structuring and finding a flow; sensitivity and awareness; ability to ‘tune in’ to a sequence; professionalism in performance.


Holistic Massage Diploma (BCMB)
Thai massage Diploma
Bmus Degree from The Guildhall School of Music

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