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“My massage is suitable for people with aches and pains and clients wanting to be nourished or listened to.”

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About me

My name is Sampitta and I am a cofounder of the Relaxation Centre, so I have worked here since the day it opened.

In another life, pre- kids (who are now men) I was a teacher in primary school and of students with learning difficulties, until during a visit to an Indian ashram where I received a deep tissue massage (known as rebalancing) and experienced the WOW factor. There and then I decided to go back the following winter and take the 5 month full-time training.

This changed my life and myself. Meditation began and ended every day as we learnt this technique called Rebalancing. In fact techniques, as it is an amalgamation of massage, joint release, Rolfing (very deep tissue work used to align the body with gravity) and a balancing of the body.

I have gone deeper into this work over the years and developed my own style, depth and rhythm according to the client’s needs. My massage is suitable for people with aches and pains and clients in more emotional spaces, wanting to be nourished or listened to.

I also teach meditation courses and beginners days in massage at the Relaxation Centre.

I spend some of the year in Portugal where my partner and I have a little fruit farm where I practice tai chi and recharge my batteries, so sometimes I am not available for massage treatments.

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