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Meet Sophia Ali

Sophia Ali“I’m inspired by seeing people get up from their session, completely relaxed and serene.”

My treatments

Reflexology, Shiatsu

Who can benefit from my treatments?

I have over 15 years experience as a holistic bodywork practitioner. My therapy work has been enriched by always maintaining a mixture of clientele. This ranges from working closely with people dealing with various addictions and emotional traumas, & allowing each client to find that space for true transformation to take place (through Shiatsu, Reiki and Reflexology).

On the other end of the spectrum I have many private clients that simply enjoy the absolute bliss of deep relaxation & letting go…

For me, every session is an opportunity to tune into my client’s needs while working with their expectations to ensure each person receives an enjoyable treatment that’s bursting with benefits.

What inspires me?

Seeing people get up from their session, completely relaxed & serene. Helping people heal themselves.

How I like to relax

Tai chi, yoga, a BBQ on a sunny day!

My other interests

Exploring the magical passes of Tensegrity, dancing and playing the piano


3 year Practitioner’s course, Shiatsu diploma (Dip. Shi), qualified from The College of Oriental Medicine in Bristol back in 1999
1 year Reflexology diploma (Vai) qualified in Bristol in 1997
Advanced Reiki, level III, qualified between 1997 & 2001
On-site Seated Acupressure Massage – Double distinction 2000
Massage diploma with Anatomy & Physiology 1996 (Cambridgeshire)

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